Established & Sons is a British brand representing all that is innovative in contemporary design.
Well-known and respected as the brand that champions individual expression, design enthusiasts turn to the Established & Sons
collection to find imaginative products with style and personality.


Established & Sons has supported, developed and produced works by some of the leading practitioners of our time and nurtured the careers of many young designers. A willingness to provide freedom to the artists and craftsmen it works with delivers original pioneering ideas that evolve into exceptional furniture and lighting collections.

The company presents designs that have the power to shock, challenge and widen accepted parameters. Chosen by collectors to provide a feature and talking point, some designs push material technology and even the laws of physics. Others contain elegance, humour, and a story to be told, a tale of multiple creative disciplines and dialogues uniting as a designer experiments and further develops their creative language.

Relying on skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, the designs are at the same time diverse in the extreme and united in their quest for the extraordinary. They aspire to set the tone in the global conversation on design and mirror the essential character, style and identity of London, the birthplace and home of Established & Sons.


Iconic British design brand Established & Sons launches an exciting new collection of characterful furniture and lighting designs by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Konstantin Grcic, Dimitri Bähler, Mauro Pasquinelli and Established & Sons’ Design Director, Sebastian Wrong.

The collection aspires to be both a response to the practicalities of contemporary life as well as an exploration of the designers’ unique language, manifested in the distinct character and provenance of each design.

The five new pieces in the collection continue the brand’s practice of supporting the best creators of our time and presenting imaginative products with style and personality. By bringing together the best of the past and the present while looking to the future, these intelligent designs are at the same time diverse in the extreme and united in their quest for the extraordinary.