DCW is behind the tilting mirror MbE (My best Enemy).


It may seem a bit odd for a lighting manufacturer to produces a series of mirrors. The explanation is however fairly simple:

In 1900 the store La Samaritaine opened in the first arrondissement in Paris, France. During the years, the small clothing store grew into an iconic department store loved by the local Parisians.

One day, the co-owner of DCW, Frédéric Winkler, visited the old hat department in La Samaritaine, where he fell in love with the functional mirrors used in the department’s interior.

Through time, DCW has used the mirrors to present their bathroom lamps in a setting at their stand at various design fairs. The reaction from people was always; “When will these mirrors be put into production?”. Finally, the decision was made. As a loving tribute to the city of Paris, to a local history dating back to the 1900 and to functional design.

The tilting MbE Mirror is a wall mirror with the top part of the mirror is mounted to the wall, and the is freely moving. This gives the opportunity to tilt the mirror both vertically and horizontally.