Product information

From the mountain top to the coast, only stainless steel 316 can stand up to the toughest environments.

The Lampe Gras Outdoor Seaside range made in 316 Stainless steel is a very special collection. These lights don’t light up a wall, but are used to create a living area – like for example when they are placed over an outdoor table – and in the process go to create a natural extension to the interior. The proportions of the Lampe Gras XL are scaled for outdoor use, in keeping with the facades on which they are placed.

Elegant without being arrogant, neither too large nor too small relative to the doors, windows and bay windows against which they are seen, the Lampe Gras XL Outdoor are practically invisible in daylight, coming into their own at night when they create a warm and welcoming glow.




316 stainless steel


Brand: Lampe Gras