Product information


Esteemed British designer Margaret Howell has frequently championed the Anglepoise® lamp, admiring the similar design qualities that are the essence of her clothing: simplicity, functionality, authenticity and timelessness. Following the success of the Yellow Ochre Edition, which was colour-matched to an original 1970’s Anglepoise® lamp, Margaret added two complementary colours to the collection – Saxon Blue and Seagrass.

“I feel I’ve lived with Anglepoise® most of my life – school homework under the light of an original black square based Anglepoise®, and later acquiring various coloured styles designed in the 1960s and 70s. One favourite, rescued from a skip, is a Yellow Apex 90, later to inform the choice of Yellow Ochre for the re-modelled Type 75™ lamp. Now, collaborating with Anglepoise® we have added Saxon Blue and Seagrass to Yellow Ochre to make an exclusive colour range for the Type 75™. We chose colours that we felt would act as accent colour and sit well in both a domestic and working interior.”




Brand: Anglepoise