Vejle, Denmark –, a leading design distributor in the Scandinavian market, has announced a new partnership with renowned design brand Moooi Carpets. This collaboration will bring a range of unique and high-quality carpets to the Danish and Norwegian markets.

As a distributor, is committed to bringing the best of international design to the Scandinavian market. With this new agreement, they will now be able to offer their customers a selection of Moooi Carpets’ stunning designs. This partnership is a testament to’s dedication to providing their customers with top-notch design options.

The initial agreement between and Moooi Carpets will focus on the Danish and Norwegian markets. However, the long-term goal is to expand this partnership to other Scandinavian countries as well. This will not only benefit customers in these regions but also provide a platform for Moooi Carpets to showcase their designs to a wider audience.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Moooi Carpets,” said the team at “Their unique and innovative designs perfectly align with our mission to bring the best of international design to the Scandinavian market. We are confident that this collaboration will be a success and look forward to introducing Moooi Carpets to our customers.” is currently working on securing agreements with dealers, interior decorators, and architects in Denmark to incorporate Moooi Carpets into their design projects. This partnership will not only benefit both companies but also provide customers with a wider range of design options to choose from.

For more information on and their partnership with Moooi Carpets, please visit their website at

Vejle, 8/12/2023 — is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with NKJ Design, a renowned design company, aimed at enhancing the visibility and reach of NKJ Design’s exceptional line of wooden lamps.

The collaboration between and NKJ Design marks a significant milestone in the realm of contemporary design, bringing together’s extensive market presence and NKJ Design’s innovative approach to wooden lighting solutions.

About has established itself as a prominent player in the furniture industry, known for curating a diverse range of high-quality, stylish, and functional pieces. With a commitment to providing customers with the latest trends in home decor, has become a go-to destination for those seeking top-notch furniture and decor solutions.

About NKJ Design:
NKJ Design is celebrated for its unique and artisanal approach to design, particularly in the creation of wooden lamps that blend craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Each NKJ Design product reflects a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for bringing nature-inspired elegance into contemporary living spaces.

The Partnership:
The collaboration between and NKJ Design is founded on the shared belief in the power of design to transform spaces. will leverage its extensive distribution network and marketing expertise to amplify the visibility of NKJ Design’s wooden lamps. This partnership aims to introduce a wider audience to the exquisite craftsmanship and design innovation that defines NKJ Design’s lighting collection.

Key Objectives of the Partnership:

Increased Exposure: will showcase NKJ Design’s wooden lamps prominently in its product catalog and marketing materials, introducing these unique pieces to a broader customer base.

Digital Collaboration: The partnership will extend to digital platforms, with featuring exclusive content, including interviews with NKJ Design’s founders and behind-the-scenes looks at the lamp-making process.

In-Store Displays: Select locations will feature dedicated displays for NKJ Design’s wooden lamps, allowing customers to experience the products firsthand.


“We are excited to join forces with NKJ Design in this strategic partnership. The synergy between’s commitment to quality and NKJ Design’s artistic craftsmanship creates a powerful alliance that will undoubtedly captivate design enthusiasts globally,” said [Your Name], [Your Title] at

“This collaboration with is a thrilling opportunity for NKJ Design to bring our passion for wooden lamps to a wider audience. We believe that this partnership will not only showcase our commitment to design excellence but also inspire individuals to bring the warmth of wood into their homes,” expressed [Designer’s Name], Founder of NKJ Design.

Media Contact:

Thomas Qvortrup
Phone: + 45 20 41 93 78

About is a leading furniture distributor committed to providing customers with a curated selection of high-quality, stylish, and functional furniture and decor solutions. With a focus on the latest design trends, has become a trusted source for individuals seeking to enhance their living spaces.

About NKJ Design
NKJ Design is a design company renowned for its artisanal approach to creating wooden lamps that seamlessly blend craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. With a commitment to design excellence, NKJ Design brings nature-inspired elegance into contemporary living spaces through its unique and meticulously crafted lighting solutions.

Furniture Distributor Joins Forces with Viccarbe to Elevate Danish Interior Design Landscape

Vejle, Dec 3, 2023 —, a trailblazer in the furniture distribution sector, has taken a significant leap forward in its commitment to delivering unparalleled design solutions by announcing a strategic partnership with Viccarbe, the renowned contemporary furniture brand. This collaboration marks’s dedication to enriching the Danish market with Viccarbe’s distinctive and innovative design aesthetics.

Under the partnership, will now feature Viccarbe’s curated selection of modern furniture, adding a touch of sophistication and international flair to its already diverse product range. The move is expected to resonate well with Danish consumers who are increasingly seeking unique and globally-inspired design elements for their homes and workspaces.

Viccarbe’s Impactful Design Philosophy

Viccarbe, known for its commitment to creating versatile and timeless pieces, brings a fresh perspective to the Danish design scene. With an emphasis on collaboration with renowned designers and a focus on sustainability, Viccarbe’s furniture collections align seamlessly with’s dedication to quality and design innovation.

Enhancing the Danish Design Landscape

The collaboration is poised to redefine the Danish interior design landscape, providing customers with access to an even broader spectrum of design choices. customers can look forward to experiencing Viccarbe’s iconic pieces, which range from contemporary seating solutions to versatile and functional tables, all designed to elevate the aesthetics of modern living and working spaces.’s Commitment to Excellence

Commenting on the partnership, Thomas Qvortrup, CEO at, expressed excitement about the prospects that the collaboration brings to the company and its customers: “We are thrilled to welcome Viccarbe into the family. This partnership aligns with our commitment to offering our customers the very best in design, and we believe that the addition of Viccarbe’s exceptional pieces will enhance the design possibilities for our clientele.”

About is a furniture distributor committed to providing customers with a curated selection of high-quality, stylish, and functional furniture and decor solutions. With a focus on the latest design trends, has become a trusted source for individuals seeking to enhance their living and working spaces.

About Viccarbe

Viccarbe is a contemporary furniture brand recognized for its commitment to creating versatile and timeless pieces. With a strong emphasis on collaboration with renowned designers and a dedication to sustainability, Viccarbe’s collections bring a fresh and sophisticated perspective to modern living and working environments.

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