Knot Small – PC1035

Chiaramonte Marin

12.153,00 kr.

KNOT is a series of elegant pendant lights that bring together two contrasting materials. The design blends rough natural fiber with sleek, transparent handblown glass to create a bold and sophisticated contrast.

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In the realm of contemporary lighting design, Brokis stands as a beacon of innovation and timeless elegance. Founded in 2006 by Czech entrepreneur Jan Rabell, this esteemed brand has garnered global acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship, striking designs, and commitment to sustainability.

Brokis seamlessly combines traditional glassmaking techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce lighting fixtures that are both functional and artistic masterpieces. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, who infuse every creation with a sense of authenticity and precision.

One of Brokis’ defining features is its dedication to sustainability. The brand prioritizes environmentally friendly practices throughout the production process, from sourcing materials to manufacturing and packaging. This commitment not only reflects Brokis’ ethos of responsible design but also resonates with discerning consumers seeking ethically conscious choices.

At the heart of Brokis’ success is its diverse portfolio of lighting collections, each characterized by its own distinct aesthetic and personality. Whether it’s the ethereal simplicity of the Muffins series, the sculptural allure of the Knot collection, or the industrial chic of the Balloons range, Brokis offers lighting solutions that cater to a myriad of tastes and preferences.

Moreover, Brokis continually pushes the boundaries of design innovation, collaborating with renowned designers and architects to create captivating lighting installations that redefine spatial experiences. From intimate residential settings to grand commercial projects, Brokis’ luminaires add a touch of sophistication and allure to any environment.

In essence, Brokis epitomizes the marriage of form and function, delivering lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also elevate them to new heights of beauty and sophistication. With its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and design excellence, Brokis remains a trailblazer in the world of contemporary lighting, inspiring awe and admiration wherever its creations shine.

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Chiaramonte Marin

Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin, the dynamic duo behind the esteemed Italian design studio that bears their names, are revered for their boundless creativity and passion for crafting objects and products that leave a lasting impression. With a keen eye for detail and a shared commitment to excellence, Chiaramonte and Marin have established themselves as leaders in the realms of interior spaces, graphic arts, industry, and lighting design.

Their collaboration with Brokis resulted in the iconic KNOT collection, a testament to their ingenuity and artistic vision. This collection, characterized by its striking design and impeccable craftsmanship, epitomizes their ability to create pieces that captivate the senses and elevate any space.

The duo’s impressive body of work has earned them numerous accolades and awards, underscoring their expansive knowledge and innovative thinking. Their designs have been celebrated on both national and international stages, with exhibitions in prestigious museums such as the Museo Correr in Venice, the Beaubourg in Paris, and the Design Museum of Calenzano (Anna Querci Foundation). Additionally, their work has been included in the permanent collections of esteemed institutions like the Moma in San Francisco and the Venice Biennale.

Alfredo Chiaramonte and Marco Marin continue to push the boundaries of design, inspiring awe and admiration with their visionary creations. With each project, they reaffirm their status as masterminds of modern design, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art and innovation.

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