Roomstore is a design distributor. We discover, cultivate, and sell products in categories such as lighting, furniture, and accessories.

As a wholesale business, we primarily serve as a partner for retailers, architects, and other professional buyers. However, we are also available to stylists, media, and first movers within the design industry. Our expertise and close relationships with several established design brands are sought after when it comes to furnishing everything from hotels, restaurants, and workplaces to private homes.

Call us superficial aesthetes, hysterical functionalists, or enterprising merchants. We plead guilty to all charges, and we believe that exclusivity trumps the mainstream. For us, quality is never a question of form or function, but always about both.


Founded in 2007 by Thomas Qvortrup, Roomstore emerged from a passion cultivated over four years working with prestigious Danish design brands in London. 

Upon returning to Denmark, Qvortrup established the company, setting its sights on introducing international brands to the Danish market. The journey unfolded with collaborations that transcended boundaries, including projects with luminaries from the Danish art scene and partnerships with esteemed companies. 


Roomstore cares about our environment

Roomstore is a premier home decor distributor committed to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Our curated collection features a harmonious blend of stylish and eco-friendly products designed to enhance your living spaces while minimizing environmental impact.


Roomstore is committed to reshaping Denmark's design narrative. 

Focused on introducing international design to the local market, we aim to diversify and broaden perspectives. In an industry often favoring traditional Danish design, Roomstore brings a fresh, global dimension. Our mission is rooted in countering conservative trends and embracing design rebellion. 

By offering a curated selection of international brands, we contribute to a more eclectic and inclusive design landscape. 

Roomstore's objective is clear: challenge conformity, celebrate diversity, and elevate the Danish design experience with a touch of global sophistication.
Thomas Qvortup
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