YAK Living Space Exp. – Warsaw

Introducing the YAK Living Space Experience, a captivating addition to Warsaw’s design scene, proudly showcasing the Viccarbe brand. Nestled in the heart of the Polish capital, this showroom serves as a haven for architects and interior designers seeking inspiration for their upcoming projects. With a focus on lighting and soft seating solutions tailored for contract, hospitality, and residential spaces, YAK offers a glimpse into the world of collaborative design.

At the forefront of the space is the modular Savina collection, crafted by Victor Carrasco, embodying a harmonious blend of style and comfort. Complemented by the Cambio and Shape low tables, along with the Levitt lounge chair by Palomba Serafini Studio, the ambiance is set for relaxation and meaningful conversations among friends or colleagues.

Transitioning seamlessly from work to leisure, the YAK Living Space Experience caters to various needs. The Burin table by Patricia Urquiola, paired with the iconic Aleta chairs by Jaime Hayon and Season by Piero Lissoni, provides a versatile setting for meetings or casual lunches.

In the kitchen area, the Copa stools designed by Ramos & Bassols beckon guests to indulge in a leisurely breakfast, boasting generous and inviting seating arrangements. With each piece thoughtfully curated to harmonize functionality and aesthetics, YAK offers a glimpse into the artistry and versatility of Viccarbe’s designs.


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